What is the best Lavalier microphone?

  The lavalier microphone is a kind of wireless microphone that is a condenser microphone. Applicable to meetings, recording, public communication, outdoor lectures, lectures and other occasions. Lapel-style microphone small size, light weight, plus the battery, the volume is only 20g. Is currently on the market similar products the smallest, the lightest weight products. The lapel microphone replaces the bulky little bees, is easy to use, clean and easy to manage.
  Lavalier microphone is ultra-low wireless transmit power, electromagnetic radiation is only ordinary mobile phone 1/90. To avoid a long time in the high-frequency high-power radio wave environment on the human body damage, worthy of the name "green wireless microphone." The use of rechargeable lithium battery power supply way to avoid the use of one-time dry battery damage to the environment.
  The BOYA BY-LM400 is a dual-lavalier microphone is designed for recording interviews. With 3.5mm(1/8") TRRS connector, it works for iPhone, Ipad and most of Android devices.

   BY-LM400 Dual-Lavalier Microphone
  · Dual Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic
  · Works with iPhone, Ipad and most of Android devices
  · 3.5mm(1/8") TRRS Connector
  · Excelllent for interviews
  · Improved Sensitivity & Signal-to-Noise
  · Plug and play
  · With 4m (13') Cable
  · Includes two pieces of Clips & Foam Windscreens
  · Also includes carry pouch

  Its omnidirectional condenser capsule captures the sound equally from all sides of the microphone. This design lends to effective, hands-free recording of speeches, interviews, dictations and more.
  It uses a TRRS connector to connect into your smartphone or tablet's headphone input.

  And With 4m (13') Cable, the BOYA BY-LM300 can be used for presentations, podcasts, webcasts, or any situation where more than one subject needs to be recorded.
  The package comes with mic clip and foam pop shield each two pieces and a carry pouch.



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