What does a shotgun microphone do

  There has always been a saying: shotgun microphone is not suitable for use in indoor recording. So I recently started to study this problem, trying to find the exact answer, to do some testing for this.
  Shotgun microphone wind, the purpose of using these devices, mainly to enhance the axial pickup capacity, while reducing the side of the interference noise. In other words, let the microphone play its directivity as much as possible, in order to avoid unwanted noise and ambient sounds.
  This is another mode, we can see the reaction of ordinary shotgun microphone wind. Uneven sides, and the effect of the posterior leaf under the influence of an intervening tube.
  In an echoed space there will be diffuse, especially early reflections, the color of the signal part. Ideally, the microphone depends on the angle of the transform, if the sound is a correlated signal or just a noise. When both the signal and the noise are reflected on the nearby surface, it is an "unnatural" angle for them to enter the microphone (if we consider the sound track in the natural direction). If the noise is not correctly identified at the outset, it will not be cut correctly. Even a portion of the useful signal is cut back as it is misjudged as noise. Therefore, good acoustics improve the sound in the scene, especially when using these microphones.

  BY-VM600 Shotgun Microphone,The BOYA BY-VM600 is a new designed directional shotgun microphone which can maximizes the sound quality.
shotgun microphone
On the other hand, keep in mind the microphone's pickup range. As we've seen before, especially low frequencies, again, a poor indoor listening environment is what we should avoid when using shotgun microphone. If the ceiling is low, we have to move the microphone closer to the sound source, combining the posterior leaf and the neighbors so that the microphone sound does not sound good. When you have high ceilings and good sound effects, this is not a problem in professional film production, and in fact, gun microphones are a very welcome choice.

  Finally, the size of the gun-type microphones can also be a problem in relatively small spaces, if we want a more accurate recording direction.

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